Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What are the signs of aging?

What are the signs of aging? The most common signs of aging appear on our skin,hair and nail.
Five popular tell tale signs of aging:
  1. Dark circles about the eye areas appear gradually. Over time, you look more tired and older than you are.
  2. Failure to effectively moisturize. Your skin loses its ability to exfoliate effectively, allowing dead skin cells to build up on the surface,which can make it harder for moisturizer to do its job. Hair and nails become dull and brittle.
  3. Increasing fine line and winkles making an appearance when you smile. This can be blamed on genetics, sun exposure,and years of expressing yourself with your facial muscles.
  4. Sagging skin. Collagen and elastin break down with age, leaving some of us with the dreaded "turkey neck"-sagging neck skin. 
  5. Age spots. Caused by years of exposure to ultraviolet light- the light accelerates the production of melanin in the skin, resulting in clusters of brown spots. 
With the new state-of-the-art technologies, we can now combat the aging process by simply using Nevaline, a peptide-based, high technology skincare product that will bring forth a revolutionary change to skincare.

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